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        Computer High-speed Slitting Machine

        YS-AComputer High-speed Slitting Machine

        • This machine is used for slitting and rewinding various large rolling materials such as paper, (50g/m2~600g/m2)Kraft paper, coated paper, aluminum foil, PVC, plastic material, etc.。

        1.This machine adopts PLC(siemens) touch screen control. Three motor servo control and automatic taper tension, central surface reeling. Frequency convertertiming for main motor, keeping speed up and stable operation.
        2.It has the functions of auto metering, automatic alarm, etc. Adopt A and B pneumatic shaft structure for rewinding, easy for loading and unloading.
        3.It adopts photoelectric automatic error correction adjustment system for unwinding, anomalistic materials will be easy slit.
        4.Equipped with automatic waste film blowing device.
        5.Automatic material loading by pneumatic, matched with air.

        型號 Model YS-1100A YS-1300A YS-1600A
        放卷最大寬度 Max. Width of unwinding 1100mm 1300mm 1600mm
        放卷最大直徑 Max. Diameter of unwinding ¢1400mm ¢1400mm ¢1400mm
        分切最小寬度 Min. Width of slitting 30mm 30mm 30mm
        收卷最大直徑 Max. Diameter of rewinding ¢1000mm ¢1000mm ¢1000mm
        分切速度 Speed ≤600m/min ≤600m/min ≤600m/min
        整機功率 Total power 20kw 22kw 24kw
        適用電源 Power supply 380V/50hz 380V/50hz 380V/50hz
        機器重量 Weight 3200kg 3400kg 3800kg
        外形尺寸 Overall dimension (LxWxH) 3500x3100x1900(mm) 3500x3400x1900(mm) 3500x3700x1900(mm)