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        Slitting And Rewinding Intelligent Machine For Surface Rolling

        YS-DSlitting And Rewinding Intelligent Machine For Surface Rolling

        • This machine is suitable for slitting rolling? materials? such as paper, aluminum foil, PVC, plastic film, insulation material, etc.?。

        This motor is equipped with frequency converter timing device, constant tension magnetic powder control system for unwinding, photoelectric auto error-correction , two pieces magnetic powder clutches, main motor for controlling the center rewinding can be touched with surface, double shafts rewinding interlaced without meeting. It also has the function of meter can
        be setup in advance and auto stop working, etc.

        型號 Model YS-1600D YS-2000D
        放卷最大寬度 Max. Width of unwinding 1600mm 2000mm
        放卷最大直徑 Max. Diameter of unwinding ¢1400mm ¢1400mm
        分切最小寬度 Min. Width of slitting 50mm 50mm
        收卷最大直徑 Max. Diameter of rewinding ¢620mm ¢620mm
        整機功率 Total power 4kw 5.5kw
        機器重量 Weight 2000kg 2200kg
        外形尺寸 Overall dimension (LxWxH) 3800x2900x3500(mm) 3800x3300x3500(mm)